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Android Game UPDATE : 25/03/2012

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1 Android Game UPDATE : 25/03/2012 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:13 pm


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2 Re: Android Game UPDATE : 25/03/2012 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:35 pm

Mike V Skateboard Party HD v1.0.1 ?kvug05eg06o9g64 password: holyshiits

Zoo keeper dx 1.1.4 ?u99331tmg6qf948

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD files [APK+Data]

Street Fighter IV HD v1.0
APK download.php?fse04pxqj9jeann [800x480]
SD file : download.php?a4lzqx63vk15pje download.php?7j23788vs326bi1
backup data : ?fs6uazk2hdpk279

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior v1.14.18
APK : BruceLee.apk
SD Cache file Mirror : data.zpak RY9CLJWD data.zpak.html data.zpak/
Copy to sdcard \ Android \ data \ com.digitallegends.brucelee \ files \ content \

Glow hockey 2 pro v1.0

Bang bang racing v1.4 ?2l440lxyfunnsh2

Spectral souls v2.7

Diner Dash 2 v1.4.4 ?6nco8db1crr41mg

Reckless Getaway v1.0.4 Cracked ?er8vi2ik8d37shk
SD data : 1WATP6GMYT
SD files path: sdcard\data\data

Fruit ninja puss in boots v1.0 ?0sz5tlddqdmcnuf

Nfs hot persuit v.1.0.61 ?68z7fbh0a70fdjd

World of goo v1.0.2

Where’s My Water? 1.3.6

Cut the Rope v1.3.1

ZENONIA 4: Return of the Legend (English Version) ?wf2smedzk62j7bn
ZENONIA® 4 v1.0.3 Modded/Offline ?qc1ibic2b0ayyzd
This version can play without Internet connection
New! Remove weapons levels restrictions,you can equip level 96 weapons when level 1
New! Unlimited stats points (You must you upgrade to more than one level above your current level, or add some stats points first)
Game starts with 999999 ZEN coin
tutorial :

Apparatus v1.1
Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD v1.0.3 Full cracked ?83d82jxii3dy5i6
Install How-to:
1. Open market, search for and download Market Enabler + Tegra Zone
2. Open market enabler, second tab, choose t-mobile (second choice)
3. Open Tegra Zone, search for Galaxy on fire, choose then get it
4. Download and install it from the market, play it until a message pops up showing that you need to purchase
5. Using Root Explorer or ADB copy purchase.db to /data/data/net.fishlabs.GalaxyonFire2T
HD/databases, overwriting the existing file.
6. Get back to game, then on that message that shows that you have to unlock, tap on the buy and unlock, game should unlock without opening anything else
purchase.db ?124dx7pfb42y96c
SDCard Data ?rnamndnvbla688p
Nvidia Tegrazone :
1. How to have $999999999999999
2. Good Save-game Place all the contents of that folder in your sdcard in Android/net.fishlabs.GalaxyonFire2THD

Real Football 2012 v1.0.6 ?eb1yf2318deuq3m [apk]
SD data : path android/data
Mali (SGS II): qda8i11z
Mirrors: nj8zq6pc8xgj.html
PowerVR (SGS): iy5eh2rj3
Mirrors: ?b9oarsgskcz7v lmxmrw9a

face fighter gold 1.0.4 ?0n0wm8nr2ao8b3s

Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.9 [link download gak pake nunggu]
apk :
sd data :
location SDCARD\gameloft\games

The Sims 3 1.0.46 APK + Data ?ojvb8yxh3cesu4o or pass : sgsII
SD content path = \Android\Data\com.eamobile.sims3_row_qwf

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD 1.12 ?kyw4d845skq064n

Soldiers of Glory: World War 2 1.0.3

moron test v3.5.1 ?orxinrdgp8ozqx8

The Moron Test 2 v1.0.3

X Construction v.1.36

Tetris v1.0.27

Pocket God 1.3.1

My dragonfly - samsung

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim 1.13.26

Death Rally FREE 1.0

Fruit Ninja 1.6.5

Plants vs Zombie-Kindle Fire Edition ?xpxccqg1l612jg3
pass : mandala

Where’s Waldo Now?™ v1.1.4

Krazy Kart Racing v1.2.7 ?n6kgokrja4c45c0

PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 1.04 ?rqz4uebmgp5ih6j
sd data :
path : Android\data\com.konami.pes2012

tintin adventure v1.1.2 ?uajvuz6ipnoa3 [apk]

iFishing v3.3

virtual villagers 2 v1.0.4

Virtual Villagers 4 v1.0

Sprinkle v1.7.1

Train Crisis HD v1.1.3

Mystery of the Crystal Portal v1.2 [apk] l5cwtljxrh98 The_Mystery_of_the_Crystal_Portal_apk_v1.2_SDfile.rar.html [sd data]
SD content (path = sd/android/data/com.g5e.crystalportal)

Paranormal Agency v1.2 ?r6n5p0t9p96f25w [apk]
sd data gak nemu
SD content (path = sd/android/data/com.g5e.paranormal)

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (v1.0.1) (Gameloft Wapstore) [all device]
sd data : [powerVR]
SD Data: (sdcard\Android\data\ D.GloftM3HP\files) Use GLZip to Unpack

Grand Theft Auto III v1.3 -Uncensored Edition- [apk]
sd data all :

Double Dragon v2.9.0 ?fkeaiak9x957b4d [apk] ?itnnl5b07itd2mh [sd data]
path : data/android

Baseball Superstars® 2012 1.0.4
sd data : Baseball_Superstars_2012_1.0.4.apk.html
path : data/android

Ski Jumping 12 1.1

El Shaddai for Android Vol.1 v2.9.0 ?bz16c79d67baj5q [apk] jnp06ggz5 [sd data]
path : Sdcard\RuntimeApps

Ninja Hoodie v1.0.1 Full ?othu48jrodm3j78

Angry Birds Space v1.0.1 premium

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3 Re: Android Game UPDATE : 25/03/2012 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:35 pm


The Doodle™ Pack

Doodle Devil
Doodle God
Doodle Farm
Doodle Drop
Doodle Grub
Doodle Fit
Doodle Jump
Doodle Physics
Doodle Assault
Doodle Boat
Doodle Bowling
Doodle Bubble Pro
Doodle Food Expedition
Doodle Monster
Doodle Pool
Doodle Dash

All Gameloft HD Games Collection
password: holyshiits [jika di butuhkan] ?pj4y4z3iiig14


Game Dev Story v1.0.7

Mega Mall Story v1.0.2

World Cruise Story v1.0.0


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4 Re: Android Game UPDATE : 25/03/2012 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:36 pm

jangan posting dolo

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